The winner of {re}coding aviation is... UNSTUCK!

You don't choose a transfer, the transfer chooses you. You don't wanna be there, and you don't wanna be stuck there! We help you get unstuck.

A way for travelers to find others to share a ride home with.

Turning airports into knowledge hubs.

For passengers, security is the most stressful time at the airport; while for airports it is a major operational challenge.

We streamline the passenger flow and provide solution for a stress-free airport experience.

The challenge winners are...

Unleash the global potential of open innovation during this 48-hour hack fest at hub:raum Berlin!

Seven international airports will open up their APIs and datasets for you to improve the overall passenger experience.

The goal of hacking the passenger journey is to realize an efficient, destressed, informed, active, and happy passenger by using new and rising tech solutions like AR/VR, wearables, chatbots, and more!

Hop on board to {re}code aviation! Get your ticket and we will take you through the airports’ themes and how to avoid losing this hackathon.

The Tale of {Re}coding Aviation

Original ideas only

The list of forbidden fruits is a list composed of aviation hacks to avoid for the {re}coding aviation hackathon! As junior and senior hackers, it’s important to know that following hacks have been done by super hackers before you!

Click on the paper plane for the list

  1. Booking a flight
  2. Being on the road
  3. Parking
  4. Checking-in online
  5. Departure information
  6. Baggage drop-off (before arriving at the airport)
  1. Checking in
  2. Dropping off your baggage
  3. Security check
  4. Passport control
  5. Engaging new travelers (millennials)
  6. Predictive passenger flow
  7. Building up a community, small cities that interact with each other
  8. Food and shopping
  9. Gamification
  1. Transferring from airport A to airport B
  2. Airport control
  3. Airport operations
  4. Door-to-door 

  1. Landing at a different airport
  2. Wayfinding 
  3. Passport check
  4. (Nothing) to declare
  5. Baggage reclaim
  6. Hello/goodbye
  7. Continuing community
  8. Arriving at a destination


Gold partner

Open API partners:

API partners

Supporting partners

Knowledge partners

Media partners

Prize pool

Flight, luxury accommodation and conference passes to Slush Helsinki, Finland!

The winners for each of the 4 themes get a helicopter flight!

Each partner will award their favorite teams with cool prizes!

A grand total prize pool of €20,000!


As an UI/UX designer, you can change everything. Make your mark on the world of Aviation.



Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Do you have a head full of inspired ideas? Let them take off and show us what you've got. 


Are you a code whiz and can develop at the speed of light? Go ahead and sign up!


Your magic touch will bring the ideas to life. Get your cape and fly off with us.

Timeline and program

May 1, 2017 to June 16, 2017

June 2, 2017 to June 16, 2017



June 16 - 18 @ hub:raum Berlin

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